What is the Intrinsic Institute?

The Intrinsic Institute is a research, coaching, and consulting firm discovering and building the best in individuals and their organizations. We are a top provider and developer of non-cognitive skills, the intangible “it” factors driving human excellence.

At the Intrinsic Institute, we develop the best in individuals and organizations from the inside out. We specialize in the measurement, training, and development of the non-cognitive factors driving exceptional performance. Using leadership training, coaching, cutting-edge workshops, and state-of-the-art assessments, the Intrinsic Institute takes individuals and their organizations to the next level by enhancing their non-cognitive skills.

It is our goal to continue uniting the world’s leading psychologists, educators, business leaders, and researchers to carry on the Intrinsic Institute’s mission of measuring and building non-cognitive skills in order to unlock the potential within individuals. Believing in the potential of the human endeavor, the Intrinsic Institute’s goal is simple – to ignite the greatness within.



About our Founder

Dr. Brian Davidson is a developer of human potential. For the last decade, he has been on a pursuit to understand the science behind how the best become the best and to help individuals and their organizations ignite greatness. As founder and president of the Intrinsic Institute and creator of the Intrinsic Edge™ model, Dr. Davidson applies his work to help K-12 and university students, educators, and business leaders across the world.

Dr. Davidson graduated Phi Beta Kappa from The University of Iowa with High Distinction and Honors, earning a degree in psychology and a teaching endorsement in secondary education. He holds a Master’s degree in counseling psychology and a Doctorate (with Honors) in educational leadership and policy studies, both from The University of Kansas.

Prior to founding the Intrinsic Institute, he motivated and empowered individuals as an educator, teaching at both the high school and university level. It was through the studying of over a thousand students and educational leaders that he began to formulate and create the Intrinsic Edge model used to identify and develop high potential leaders. His groundbreaking research has illustrated how non-cognitive skills serve as better predictors of transformational leadership behavior than cognitive ability and other personal factors associated with successful leadership.

Committed to helping individuals achieve success at all levels, Dr. Davidson has proudly worked with leaders through the State of Iowa’s Youth Leadership Forum, served on the Board of Directors for the State of Minnesota’s Hugh O’Brien Youth Leadership program, as well as inspired and empowered numerous remarkable individuals as a Special Olympics coach. He and his wife, Kari, and their son, Henry, currently reside in Olathe, Kansas.