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Skills for Success: Non-cognitive Skills for Educators

Half Day and Full Day Programs

Intended audiences: teachers, counselors, administrators, and paraeducators

Through interactive and engaging professional development seminars, teachers, administrators, and other school staff members learn how non-cognitive skills impact student success as well as how to build these crucial skills in students. Additionally, the seminars will work to develop and enhance staff members’ levels of self-motivation, grit, resiliency and other non-cognitive factors in order to:

– Overcome challenges faced in and out of the classroom

– Build a positive school climate of success

– Reduce the likelihood of teacher burnout

– Improve academic performance

– Create engaging classrooms for students

– Reduce student discipline issues

– Engage in a cultural shift toward excellence

– Improve student attendance and classroom participation

Participants will:

– Understand the crucial non-cognitive skills driving exceptional performance

– Recognize the role non-cognitive skills play in their professional and personal life

– Learn how to build non-cognitive skills in students

– Assess their current levels of non-cognitive skills using The Intrinsic Profile™

– Participate in engaging, interactive processes to build and enhance their non-cognitive skills

To develop the non-cognitive skills of your students and staff, contact the Intrinsic Institute today!