Could your student benefit from developing higher levels of self-motivation, self-discipline, perseverance, and resiliency?

Intrinsic for Students

Intrinsic Institute is on a mission to help your child achieve greatness. We believe there is tremendous potential in every student. Sadly, too many students go through school falling far short of their full potential. The traditional academic curriculum found in schools, which focuses on improving cognitive skills, is simply not enough. The most successful students do not reach optimal levels of success by mastering only reading, writing, and arithmetic.

Groundbreaking research being conducted in the world’s top universities is making it increasingly clear that it is a set of non-cognitive factors that serve as the best predictors of future success. In recognizing the influence of these non-cognitive skills, universities across the country are now beginning to assess for non-cognitive skills in prospective and current students.

At the Intrinsic Institute, we develop the non-cognitive skills necessary for greatness in school and beyond. Using brain-based educational activities, the Intrinsic Institute will help your child develop the non-cognitive skills necessary to help them achieve their full potential. The research-based programs created by the Intrinsic Institute will develop the non-cognitive skills of students to:

– Achieve higher grades

– Enhance self-motivation

– Develop resiliency to counteract the effects of bullying

– Positively handle stress

– Decrease risk for drug and alcohol abuse

– Obtain athletic and fine arts peak performance

– Develop leadership skills

– Improve self-confidence

– Develop self-discipline

– Enhance well-being and happiness

Individual Student Coaching

For students ages 13-22, the Intrinsic Institute offers a coaching package specifically tailored to the individual student.

• Coaching consists of one-to-one sessions that occur weekly to biweekly via Phone or Skype

• Students assess their current level of non-cognitive skills using the Intrinsic Profile™

• Students work with their coach to develop increased levels of non-cognitive skills such as self-motivation, grit, and resiliency

• The program is specifically tailored for the student to address his or her current needs based on the student’s outcomes on the Intrinsic Profile™ assessment

To work with one of our coaches in order to build the skills that matter, contact the Intrinsic Institute today!


“I am convinced that his participation in this program is the catalyst that turned my son from a path of failure to a path of success academically.”